Intro and cruise are by far our most popular option. And that makes sense! Enough time to get comfortable with the skateboard, and plenty of opportunities for thrill rides. And the trip around the airfield is simply magical.

  • Thorough introduction

  • Get comfortable on the skateboard, in a closed secure area 
  • Comfortable cruise around the airfield
  • Tales and anecdotes about the historical places

After a thorough introduction, we roll around our practice area, and become comfortable with the board. When we are sure that everyone feels safe on the skateboard, we set off on a cruise aorund the airfield.

We pass the large wide landing strip with all the room in the world. We pass the historical jetfighter museum, the movie studios, the historical hangers and where the pope kissed Denmark 

We experince a mixeture of cool skate-surf and the breath of history that the airfield are full of.  

Intro & cruise is for those of you who want to experoence the feeling that have "caugth" e-skaters araound the globe. For the group or famili who want to have a good experience together, where everyone feel comfortable.

Duration approx. 1.5 hours with approx. 1 hour on the board. 

Price: 390 kr. pr. person. 


Invite your colleagues out for the experience of the year. We offer a truly unique experience at the historic airfield in Værløse.

We are the sole venue in Denmark where you can team build with your colleagues on electric skateboards.

The combination of our electric skateboards, our instructors and the nature on the historic airfield is so unique that we confidently guarantee an unforgettable experience.

We prioritize safety and excel at ensuring everyone rides securely and feel safe. And we get everyone out riding. In fact, we have yet to have anyone give up.

Our oldest “new skater” was a 67-year-old HR employee from a major IT company who had never stepped on a skateboard before. Our instructor made sure that after just 10 minutes on the board, she was cruising around like a seasoned pro.

We cater to both small groups and entire departments, providing dedicated instructors and ensuring seamless execution.

Our partners at Shelter 214 can handle all amenities and facilities if you wish to combine the skateboard outing with a presentation or meeting.

We are also mobile and happy to bring our skateboards to your location. 


Invite your family out for an unique experience on the historic airfield In Værløse.

Our electric skateboard cruises are the perfect family activity. 

Our core visitors have shown to be families that want’s an active day out, and our cruises appeal to the whole family.

It’s new. Its safe. And yet still exciting enough both parents and young adults to enjoy. 

It’s in the middel of nature, rich in history from the closed down air base, and Shelter 214 offers an oasis of shelter, sun lungers, games, drinks and snacks.

It doesn't get any more perfect than this!

Our tours are suitable for ages 10 and up.

Children under 13 must be accompanied by an adult.


Groups of friends, and bachelor(ette) parties find the perfect activity with us.

We provide challenges for the bold and ensure that the cautious are taken care of.

With us, it's safe and secure to try something you've never tried before.

We ensure everyone gets on the board, and we're proud to say we've yet to have anyone give up.

Our most popular tour is the Intro & Cruise, but we also offer other options such as Intro & Race, where we set up tracks and compete against the clock.

Combine your cruise with relaxation at Shelter 214. Here’s a place to relax, beer, water, ice cream, coffee, and delicious snacks.

For larger groups, we provide your own dedicated instructor.